Go into the ./utils directory and run these commands:

 1# 1. generate the ``metadata.yaml`` file
 2./ prepare_environment.conf --generate-yaml > metadata.yaml
 4# 2. generate a shell script, called  ````
 5# , based on the content of the ``metadata.yaml`` file.
 6./ prepare_environment.conf >
 8# 3. run the ```` script as root.
 9chmod +x ./

Services and timers

Once everyting is installed you can run the usual systemd commands such as:

1systemctl list-timers
2systemctl status ${service_or_timer}
3systemctl start ${service_or_timer}
4systemctl stop ${service_or_timer}
5systemctl enable ${service_or_timer}
6systemctl disable ${service_or_timer}
7systemctl daemon-reload

with ${service_or_timer} being the service or timer unit file names reported between the YAML sections in the scripts page.