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Alternative setup#

Airscan is used instead of the traditional client-server model with SANEd.


See also

  • Using Raspberry Pi as scan server? · Discussion #115 · alexpevzner/sane-airscan · GitHub [1]

  • SaneOverNetwork - Debian Wiki [2]


These instructions have been tested on Raspberry Pi OS Lite 11 only

  1. disable all backends in /etc/sane/dll.conf

  2. install these packages

    apt-get install ipp-usb sane sane-airscan
  3. get the scanner URI



See also

  • Scanner not working in Linux Ubuntu Fedora Mint Debian over the network? Use sane-airscan! - rtt - IT Resource [3]

  1. install these packages

    apt-get install sane sane-airscan
  2. add the scanner name and URI you got from the airscan discover command to the configuration file. In this example the scanner name is scanner name and the URI is

    2"scanner name" =
  3. open one of the scanner apps such as simple-scan

Upgrading from Debian 10 to Debian 11#

After upgrading to Debian 11 the HP AIO scanner took very long to be detected and sometimes it did not work.

See also

  • Bug #1817214 “Zen and the art of Scanner Maintenance (Bug #17975…” : Bugs : HPLIP [4]

  1. install these packages

    apt-get install hp-ppd hplip hplip-data libhpmud0 sane
  2. reinstall libsane-hpaio as suggested by reference 1

    apt --reinstall install libsane-hpaio
  3. comment all backends in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

  4. you should have a file in the SANE configuration, like this

    1# dll.conf snippet for hplip
  5. check if scanimage detects the scanner in a matter of seconds

    scanimage -L
  6. check if remote scanning still works