Git branches policy#

What follows is a table of the git branches used in the repositories.

Pull requests must be opened on the dev branch.



Update schedule


the main branch

every new release


recent changes are merged here before a new release

at will

Development environment and contribution steps#

  1. install

  2. clone the repository

  3. install the development environment

    make install-dev
  4. write or change code

  5. write unit tests if relevant parts of the code have been added or changed

  6. unit tests are run like this

    make test
  7. run this to install the Python program in your user directory

    make install


    add ~/.local/bin to the PATH enviroment variable to have a working executable

  8. if applicable update relevant documentation

  9. to rebuild the documentation run

    make doc
  10. create a new pull request


Use .venv/bin/python3 -m ${module} to run the Python program in the development environment.